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WHAT WE DO                                    

1.Preaching and teaching of the word of God.(to see people get into the word of God(the Bible) and prosper).distribution of free Bibles and other Bible literature

2.Child advocacy -we prevent cruelty to children and women and end violence against them everywhere, in every form: physical abuse, sexual

Abuse, gender equity,  neglect, early  and forced marriage etc

3.We support the education of the children and youth in school and dropout through our wow(with out wall)free online live personalized tutoring,after school program,back to school and  child sponsorship, supply educational materials,food,clothings,shoes and other life essentials to needy students(orphans,abused and neglected children)and families in poor rural communities

Provide temporal shelter and releases children and women from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty and help them to find solution to the problems they face.and help themselves,family,community,country and the world.

  1. Women empowerment and community development prog-empower girls and women socially and economically through advocacy and microloans.gender equality through education

5.Marriage ministry -emphasizing the establishment and restoration of biblical families.equip leaders to promote the natural family,child early  and forced marriage etc



We are proud that 100% of every penny and gift aid raised goes directly to support these amazing children/young people and every donation no matter how small is very much appreciated and valued.

Through your gift now, you will help sustain a child in school,keep him or her healthy,protect,feed,keep him away from trouble and become responsible God fearing adult.Through your gift,you will share God’s word with someone who desperately needs to hear the good news.