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Help children wherever it’s needed most with your monthly gift.

A child is involved in a serious accident, and his family can’t pay his hospital bills. A young woman turns down an offer of admission into college because she can’t afford tuition. A little boy dies from drinking contaminated water because his community lacked the resources to build a new well.

Money should never be a barrier to a child’s full potential – and yet these scenarios are common in much of the developing world. That’s why, every day, our Children’s Greatest Needs fund gives us the agility to reach children when, where and how they most urgently need our support. Your gift helps us protect the well-being and fuel the dreams of children around the world. Whenever and wherever children’s needs are greatest, you can be there to help. Make a one-time donation or sign up to become a monthly supporter today.

Seek and Save Mission Ministries welcomes your goodwill and charity donation

Please make a contribution to our charity organization. Every penny counts. You can specify how you would like your donation used.  

Our charity organization strongly needs charity donations for purposes such as:

  • Educational materials
  • Medical supplies
  • Uniforms & after school clothing
  • Boarding facilities
  • Classrooms
  • Showers and toilet section
  • Text books
  • Equipment for deaf children
  • Administrative costs; wages for employees in Ghana (school nurse, matrons & teachers).

We depend on your goodwill.


Give a Poor Child Care and Education

Unique Way of Sponsoring a Child

Poverty is common in Africa. Many children become orphans due to AIDS. By giving a donation or becoming a sponsor for a child, you will help us give a poor child care and education. Our charity organization is very effective in terms of providing help.  We believe that the only way to eradicate poverty is through education and teaching the new generation how to fight corruption.This is why we put school first.

Sponsor a boy or girl

Seek and Save Mission Ministries Welcomes Your Goodwill and Charity Donation

You can support our charity organization by giving a donation to an area of your choice. If you wish, your name or your organization’s name can be shown on Seek and Save Mission Ministries’s public donation list.

Give a charity donation today…

Sponsor Our School Project

Through making continual improvements to Seek and Save Mission Ministries schools, hundreds of poor East African children receive care and quality education.

Give a charity donation to our school projects…

After finishing secondary school, Seek and Save Mission Ministries children get education in:

  • Integrity and Positive thinking
  • Goal setting
  • Self-confidence building
  • Human relations
  • Success principles
  • Entrepreneurship
  • How to choose and get a job


Hundreds of poor children are listed and waiting for a sponsor. The child you choose to sponsor will be yours only and you can follow his / her educational development through

  • Correspondance via our online message system  
  • Termly newsletters
  • Updated information 
  • Images



We are proud that 100% of every penny and gift aid raised goes directly to support these amazing children/young people and every donation no matter how small is very much appreciated and valued.

Through your gift now, you will help sustain a child in school,keep him or her healthy,protect,feed,keep him away from trouble and become responsible God fearing adult.Through your gift,you will share God’s word with someone who desperately needs to hear the good news.